Thursday, 7 August 2014

'Turning Japanese'

For those over a certain age a song may now be stuck in your head...sorry!

It can be a bit of a challenge making male themed birthday cards but my son quite likes Japanese styled things so here's a simple card I created for him. I thought I'd share it with you because I used luminarte silks to transform some cardstock.

The paper and card stock I used has been in my stash for years....and I mean years, in fact I think the Japanese calligraphy paper is some of the first paper I bought. The card stock has an embossed effect and I do like to experiment so thought I would see how the glazes worked on it.

They worked fabulously! I used persimmon and monarch gold and they gave a lovely golden, plum and indigo hue. I was able to use a slightly damp tissue to wipe the glazes off the embossed areas. I originally intended to use the card stock as a backdrop for the flowers I used in the previous post which were made out of DCWV  far east paper (hope I'm not the oldest blogger in town and there are others who recognise this stash from the past?)

Once altered it just toned in with the papers better than navy but then the oriental flower creation wasn't to be. However I really liked how the card stocks colour altered depending on the light so decided it could work as part of a male card combined with a good dose of black and gold. I added the tokens and the 2 motifs are cut from some oriental paper from the same stash. No stamping just fairly simple papercrafting.....with a bit of messy play thrown in!


  1. Beautiful card,Ruth. I love everything Japanese too,especially the gardens. Unfortunately, I am old enough to remember that song and yes,now it's stuck in my head!

    Donna xx

  2. I too, am old enough! I have never used glazes but they certainly look effective on your beautiful Japanese card Ruth! Anne xx

  3. I'm singing now lol. A lovely card Ruth, still to try glazes, the shimmer they give suits your oriental theme.
    Julie x


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