Sunday, 18 May 2014

PaperArtsy 'Monochrome'

Over on the PaperArtsy blog this week I have been inspired by Karen Baker to produce a monochrome altered frame. I really wanted to try out the metallic glaze over a crackle finish. Here's my entry for this weeks challenge.

You definitely need patience and good eyesight with the cutting, clean and simple doesn't necessarily mean quick but the results are worth it. I wanted to keep the monochrome look so opted for a piece of satin silver cardstock to back the stamped images. The most difficult part was trying to get a photo on the right background that showed the tones....if that makes sense with monochrome? It was even more difficult on such a glorious sunny day like today, however it meant I even took pictures outside so you can see the lovely metallic glaze.

I've had a pack of these frames for years and had lots of ideas but never quite got around to transforming them properly. I can now see me making a trio of these for the hall......when my cutting finger has recovered that is!


  1. ohh stunning, the monochrome scheme is just perfect!

  2. This is terrific, you did so well with your cutting and I love the pens! At least you still have all your fingers even if they need to recover!

    Lucy x

  3. Wow. So beautifully cut and love the metallic glaze. You've done a gorgeous frame! Glad I could inspire you a little x

    1. More than a little inspired, loved how differently you used stamped images on all your posts this week. Perfect CAS x

  4. Wonderful frame and awesome cutting! I carefully avoided this project in order to keep my fingers!

  5. Wow, wow and wow again!! I adore what you did with those LP stamps, it looks so cool and the metalic on the crackle looks amazing|!!

  6. Gorgeous work and such a steady hand with the cutting!


  7. Wow this is amazing! You certainly did need a lot of patience & steady hand! I dropped by to say thank you for leaving a lovely comment on my blog this week, Carole Z x

  8. Ooh, love the monochrome look - this is so glamorous, and beautifully done!
    Alison x


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