Thursday, 29 May 2014


Bit different to last few posts (already said I like trying things out!) .....This is my entry for Darcy journalling month 4 over on the Paperartsy blog. As I explained last month I adapt it to one page in my journal.

Here are some of my steps, for more guidance and explanation see original post link above.

Liked the tissue paper flowers

For the next few stages, really thought I'd lost it...but just kept going

Liked the paint drips but wiped them back a bit before they dried as I'd got carried away. 

Really like the material element, it wasn't muslin but had fun fraying it as much as I could. Also added some more teal green at this stage.

Grunge paste through flower stencil, nearly there

Like the layers and textures created, still not sure about the colour ratio....but can always go back.
I am really enjoying trying out Darcys techniques each month and just going with it. Thanks for letting me share this with you. See you in month 5!


  1. Really like this Ruth,I am seeing a certain style to your work now as you are posting more of your art. Your colour combinations are always spot on. I really must try this journaling soon : )


  2. Oh Ruth, this looks absolutely fantastic!! Such amazing textures and layers (thanks for the step by stem photos)
    Fabulous colours and I totally adore the end result, such a beautiful page!!!

  3. Love the colour's Ruth and all the great texture. The flower heads look stunning :)

  4. Stunning, I adore the background, your blending is just perfect. Something about this page just makes me want to stroke it. Your drips are perfect too, just the right amount, if you had more you did the right thing wiping them back. That just shows you knew immediately that they were too heavy for your composition and you rescued it, which is great,means you have a good eye for seeing the balance.


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