Sunday, 30 October 2016

Catch up...

Hi everyone, thought I'd squeeze in a post before the end of the month and share a few things that I've made recently. Some items I've already shared peeks of via social media but I'm starting with some encaustic panels I made months ago but realise I hadn't posted yet. I am now wanting to play with wax again...

Pan pastels and wax, I'm so pleased with how this turned out, some dry brushing of coloured wax is then given a top layer of pan pastel through a stencil.

PVA glue through a stencil and burnt, there is a bit of a story to this one revolving around my cooks blow torch being temperamental and it didn't go quite to plan so I decided to finish off with a shellac burn (for explanation of this technique please see links in side bar to previous wax posts)

Stencilling and scoring into wax before dry brushing.

Next I recently attended a Lin Brown workshop which involved lots of painty fabric play and always it was brilliant.

 some detail photos

Lastly I attended a France Papillon workshop last year and one of the creations I made was a 'Grimoire' or an ancient book of spells. It's made of handmade papers, book text and maps and I've not wanted to write in it or use it because I've struggled to find something which I think is suitable for it....until now

A scrap piece of book paper which I'd been using to wipe my paint brush seemed perfect for a little snowflake paint as a base to then stamp on.

Lin Brown's new stamps in sepia, some stitching and fragments of heat embossed skeleton leaves  just fitted in perfectly to me.

Thanks for stopping by x


  1. Fabulous pieces of art all of them Ruth. I love the first encaustic project and the page in your little journal.

    Lesley Xx

  2. awesome and such varied work Ruth - I love encaustic work and haven't done it for years - you have made me want to get my iron and waxes out again and play.... oh if the day were just for art!!!! Beautiful fabric work too. awesome! Hugs rachel x

  3. Always a feast for the eyes. I have drooled my way through the entire selection. Lx

  4. Everything looks amazing dear Ruth, oh so many techniques ,creating wonders for the eye. our little book spread sooo very beautiful, and magic looking, and love the pva-glue page ,beautifully burnt, ans the wax one, too- with the gorgeous color tones. Your pan pastels and was also shows great layers, and you know I love your tiny village !!
    Hugs from Dorthe

  5. Beautiful pieces Ruth! I am especially fond of your Numbers encaustic piece- strikingly beautiful! xx

  6. Exquisite work, Ruth! Love the row of houses and the grimoire.

  7. What fabulous post - so pleased I scrolled backwards! I seem to be way behind with blog visits!! Hugs, Chrisx


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