Saturday, 28 May 2016

Infusions..part 2

Hi, as promised I'm back to share some more of my infusion explorations...this may take some time. First up is 3D gel, and I've used Finnabairs transparent 3D gel for this.

I made these before I saw Nikki's fab post here of Addicted to Art where she used texture paste and her way is a much better way of doing it especially if you want crisp, clean results, however here's the method I used which gives grungier results.

I placed a stencil over card and spread the gel through it, once removed I sprinkled a mixture of infusion powders over the gel and left to dry. I was quite generous because I wanted the powders to show up.

Once dry I flicked the powder off, but there will always be some residue and I decided to use some white paint and matte glaze hoping that the 3D gel would resist the this gets worse before it gets better.

Yes I created mud!! The middle section is the result of painting over with white (honestly) but take a baby wipe to it (far right) and the pebbles will pop.

I really loved the result, here's the other one.


This is a more open stencil and I've used some archival ink brushed across the top.

There's something about the gel on the grungy background that I really like. It then took another week and some further experimenting for the penny to drop that as the paint and glaze have now sealed any infusions in I could paint over with another colour and make them lighter if I wanted.

I rubbed over the gel with some archival ink to make them pop more.

I've used gold paint here.

and here I mixed metallic glaze with some london night paint to just give a subtle shimmer....this is before

and this is after

These are the 2 tags I made at the beginning of my experiments.

Another way of using a stencil which I find so easy and so effective came about from shaking the excess infusion off onto a piece of card and instead of just adding water, I put the stencil in place first.

Really doesn't look like there is much powder there but...

One spray

and a little more, then be patient

Don't take the stencil off right away, let the darker crystals work their magic. Then dry.

I think this is where these powders just excel because you get a lovely vintage effect that you won't be able to create if you use a spray. 

I shared these earlier this week on FB but not the how....which is so easy don't you think? 


 After... using a favourite PaperArtsy set,  and the gold shimmer is color stix. I still have a couple more little tags of further dabbles to share but I'll pop back soon with those.

Hope you enjoyed the rather lengthy post and as always thanks for visiting. Ruth x


  1. Wow Ruth, these are so gorgeous! As you say completely unique vintage backgrounds and certainly the one on the ultimate tag is so easy to create!

    Thanks for sharing your experiments.

    Lesley ~Xx

  2. These are gorgeous Ruth.... great techniques

  3. Well it's getting late but I am feeling the need to go and play! I loved seeing how you created these fabulous results! Hugs, Chrisx

  4. Ohhh fantastic to see your steps!! I love those residue tags at the end too ... really shows how you get fab results with the tiniest specks of infusions!

  5. Awesomeness!! Thanks for sharing your experiments with us Ruth, they are beautiful to watch.

  6. Great techniques Ruth, looks like u are a fan of the infusions then!

  7. Great tips and gorgeous results

  8. Fabulous Ruth! Love your grungy results. I giggled with your comment .. It gets worse before better...but adding the paint is so effective! Those pebbles look amazing. Xx

  9. Wow! This is such a fascinating post, full of brilliant tips and experimenting! I love what you have been achieving with Infusions - so inspiring! xx

  10. Amazing results!! These are so beautiful. Thank you for your tutorial, have ago!! xx

  11. wow just love what you have done, very inspiring

  12. Thanks for sharing your results, I love just playing and experimenting, after all, that's how you learn isn't it and hopefully with some happy accidents along the way. They look great xx

  13. absolutely wonderful ruth - I have started playing with my infusions but not had a great success as yet - I will be trying this tomorrow - I adore the effect - it looks amazing!!!

  14. A fascinating post and I loved all the results, each and every one is special in its own way.
    Like you, I've totally fallen in love with Infusions, they are certainly addictive!

  15. Oh my !! Ruth, your experiments shows so many amazing results, I so love them all, and the fantastic pieces of papers you achieved !! They are all gorgeous, ,and your tags are stunning. I really love the last one you are showing.
    Thank you for sharing your ideas and how they came out, it is so kind of you .
    Dorthe Oxx

  16. Superb experiments!!! I now absolutely need to play!!! The tags are just amazing!

  17. Ruth!! Exquisite!! I just love when you share your experiments- gorgeous!! Love love love that pebble one!! Thank you so much for sharing!
    Jackie xo

  18. Fabulous Ruth, you making me want to get my stuff out and get playing. Happy crafting, Angela x

  19. Stunning work with the Infusions - I haven't succumbed yet (it would be foolish when I simply can't get to the craft table!), but this has tempted me sorely. The two tags towards the end, and then the work with the Baroque stencil have really fired my creative juices - glorious inspiration, and such detailed helpful instructions, thank you.
    Alison x

  20. Really Fabulous!!!!!!!!!!! I'm very glad I finally got over here to read this!!!

  21. Fantastic technique, thank you for the tutorial, your tags look amazing.


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