Saturday, 14 May 2016

Rusty Stuff with Lin Brown

Hi everyone, hope you're all well out there in crafty land? I was lucky (so lucky) to attend a Lin Brown workshop a few weeks ago. I know Lin published our projects on her blog here but I hadn't quite finished mine at that stage...well there's a surprise!
I still needed to do some hand stitching and now I've completed it thought I'd share my finished project with you.

 I loved doing this project for so many reasons, the combination of metal embossing and having fun creating our own rusty fabric was equalled by the absolute pleasure I felt in reawakening my love of hand stitching. Gosh it brought so many childhood memories back....Binca...a handmade cushion I embroidered at 12...I won't go on but you can guess I loved doing this!!

A few close ups I hope you'll enjoy...

I have to confess that some of the rusty fabric above isn't mine, we used a combination of fabric we rusted and some of Linda's wonderful results. Although it's great to come out with a finished creation, the lasting joy of a workshop is to inspire you to develop what you've learned along the I came home and have had rusty hands and workroom that smells of vinegar ever since, but boy I've had fun!!

In fairness to Lin I'm not sharing the details of how we rusted our fabric but there's information out there on the internet and you tube if you want to explore this....or maybe Lin will be doing a similar one sometime in the future. (See her blog for workshop details)

I thought I'd finish by sharing some of the varying results of my attempts.

Mega rusting going on here, may have left it too long!

Quirky result as I used some tea dyed fabric...but I think the tea should have been fresh...not stewed!


...but I think I like the back even better.

I love this crackled effect

Who would have thought there would be such a variety of rust tones and I've only just started to experiment. Next project will be a set of smaller frames using some of the above fabric.

As always thanks for stopping by. Ruth x


  1. amazing work! I love all the different materials - gorgeous! Would love to go to a Lin Brown workshop! Hugs rachel x

  2. wow. this is gorgeous - fantastic rusting on the fabric.

  3. Ruth, I absolute love rust/rusting so you can imagine how much I love what you created. This is such a stunning and inspirational piece of art and I surely want to run my fingers (they are clean - okay, there are Infusion stains, they are cleanish!) and feel that texture.

  4. Wow, this is stunning and I want to do this - sure wish I had access to a class. I love the combination of metal and fabric along with rusty. Your project is a definite beauty.

  5. Wooow, Ruth, I really enjoyed reading your wonderful post! Everything I love the most in crafting is here - rusting, fabric, stitching and metal! You have managed to achieve a fantastic rust effect and I am so inspired to experiment with rusting on the fabric! That crackled effect is awesome! I would love to go on Lin's workshop! Hugs! Branka xx

  6. Oh my Ruth, your finished piece is fantastic, I'm thrilled that you found time to finish it and bring it to life with some gorgeous stitchery.
    Thanks for coming to my class, I loved teaching, metal embossing and rusting fabric are two of the favourite things. X

  7. Gorgeous rusted piece of art Ruth, love the added stitching too. The rusted fabric pieces are gorgeous. Love this. Tracy x

  8. An amazing project with fab techniques. Love this Ruth.
    Julie x

  9. Wow Ruth, loving the texture contrasts and the stitching works so well. Rusting looks really interesting. Great project! Xx

  10. Stunning project Ruth, wow, you were so lucky being able to do that workshop with Lin! The combination of metal and fabric looks amazing, a truly stunning piece!!

  11. Oh wow Ruth, you have done some amazing rusting and I loved seeing your finished piece close up, it is wonderful! Your hand stitching is such a lovely touch too! Anne xx

  12. Wow, these are very, very cool Ruth! Awesome work!

  13. Wow! This really looks fantastic....and definitely something I would love to have done......certainly looks like fun! Hugs, Chrisx

  14. WOW WOW and WOW!!
    Ruth, first off your finished piece is just gorgeous!! I would love to know how you separated that foil and got those holes apart so perfectly to sew through!
    I love everything about this, from the organic-ness,the muted palette to every stitch! Bravo!!
    And now on to your experiment cloths- holy moly- such beautiful colors and yes, that crackle is just delish!!
    Ruth, your projects never disappoint! I love your art!
    hugs,Jackie xx

  15. Thanks for sharing this with us Ruth. The only problem now is that I feel guilty as I have all the stuff to do this and it has been left forgotten, must get it out again soon. The results are brilliant and I'm sure you will be getting rusty again soon Lol!
    Thanks for the visit to mine and have a great weekend, Angela xXx.

  16. Looks like it was a fantastically inspiring workshop, and the results are glorious. Love all those rusted fabrics - I've really enjoyed the effect when I've done it, and always mean to do it again, but somehow life just doesn't allow repeats at the moment!
    Alison x

  17. How gorgeous Ruth, I LOVE rusting ,too, and have tried a couple of times, but I will say your results are amazing. I love your sampler of metallic embossing and the rusted fabrics, and all your experimentation looks gorgeous ! Wow you inspirs, again !!
    Dorthe, xx

  18. Hello Ruth.
    Seeing this on FB, I couldn't resist to follow the link... :)
    And Wow!!! How gorgeous are all your samples, an your final piece so beautiful is just breath-taking!!!! Thanks for sharing this gorgeous piece. Coco x


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