Saturday, 29 March 2014

Sunday Stamper challenge '300'

Well a bit late, only because I craft at a weekend,  so I am either early or last minute but ideas buzz round my head in between....I'd hoped I would be submitting a chunky ATC but after 2 hrs Mr Mojo exited and it went from bad to worse so I'll have to go back to the start with that one. However not to be beaten especially as it's the 300th this little hanging came together fairly quickly for 'Dream'  In fact it's not quite dry.

I stamped the butterflies on to 1 ply tissue (idea from Hels) and you can probably see a slight haze around the bottom one...because it is still a little wet.

I've used my favourite fresco paints, CW stencil, Kaisercraft Butterflies and treasure gold...........and I have managed to load the logo as well!


  1. Gosh, another amazing project!! I am so glad I found your blog Ruth! I was looking for the friends connect followers button on your blog, but I can't find it, so I have added you to my blog roll, just so I don't forget to come back. Your creations are wonderful!

    1. Thank you so much Astrid, as an admirer of your work I am over the moon that you have left such lovely comments. Re the friends connect button, I'll hopefully get around to it but as it's taken me years to start a blog, I am only just getting the hang of things. Thanks again!


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