Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Hogwarts staircases and ATC part 2

What??.....well one of the blogs I follow is Barbara Gray's Blog and if you haven't seen her first post then this link sums up how starting a blog feels or put another way it's like trying to navigate the 'Hogwarts staircases.' You think you know where you are going and then you end up somewhere else, you may find something you weren't looking for and want but you'll never find your way back to it again. I still haven't worked out how to load blinkies and gadgets like my Pinterest link, sort  my background picture out properly and many other things....but I know I will.
So I just thought as I am late posting the ATC part 2 I'd take the opportunity now to explain why and apologise for any future slips and trips.

ATC part 2 

I 'ruined' the original paper with too much paint but then thought nothings really ruined, it's just going in a different direction, some distressing and it's a background to work on.

2 ATC's doesn't make a series ( is it 9 officially?) so make some more.

...but you can't repeat accidents, and  lovely as it is there was too much ginger peach primary elements.  

Some more  painting and distressing later to tone them in.

Collage elements

chit chat stickers

Glass bead gel on 3 of them. Inspired by Lin Brown I remembered I had some and although the stamped flower underneath has faded I like the effect. A little treasure gold to highlight.

I like the effect of Wendy Vecchi embossing paste here (Sue Carrington post) but I haven't got any so on the remaining 3 used some Viva clear croco I had instead.

Just a couple more photos to finish. Hope you enjoyed it, thanks for dropping by.

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