Saturday, 26 August 2017

A Paris Journal

Hi everyone, well I've finally finished my first journal using Eileen Hull's Journal Die. It started off as funky but quickly turned shabby I tried to create a little vintage style Parisian elegance. It's more of a Traveler's notebook than a junk journal with lots of room for making notes and it's not too chunky so will fit in a bag easily. Am I going to Paris? Not that I know of..but it will definitely be going with me when I do!

I've also created a little flip through video which I'll share at the end of a rather long photo heavy post. Before I start though I want to thank Anne Redfern for her generosity and helping me out whilst I waited for my die to arrive and also for her many inspirational posts, this one is a particular favourite and Jenny Marples has been fairly busy herself creating gorgeous inspirational videos like this one, which is where my I picked up the tip about using a band of Sari silk ribbon to close the journal. THANKS to both of you!

This may be the first of many journals as I really like this die...

The cover was asking for grunge paste through a large lacy stencil, this is one I've had for ages, picked up in a sale and I'm not even sure who made it. Once covered I use Fresco paint in Nougat and then sprinkled infusions on and spritzed with water before heat setting. A little archival ink and treasure gold highlights the texture. Stitching and metal foil to finish.

As you can see lots of stencils and all my french or elegant style stamps came out. The stamps in the top left are an elusive image set and unfortunately aren't available anymore but photo realistic stamps would work brilliantly. Why Paris, well I was looking for a word to 'bump' stencil onto the plaque and the Scrapcosy stencil showing the word PARIS just sealed the deal as it fits perfectly over that wonderful crackled paint effect. Raquel of Scrapcosy has also made several videos using infusions and the link here covers infusions with Fresco paint.

I used walnut ink to stain the ribbon and white cartridge paper for a lot of the pages as I find it works beautifully with infusions.

The crackle effect on the front can be changed into gorgeous large cracks just by applying the paint thicker. I've used infusions a few different ways, the first page is spritzing water through a stencil having sprinkled the area with infusions, then monoprinting other areas with the infusions remaining  on the stencil.

Stamping and embossing on tissue paper pockets.

Stamping with versamark before brushing on infusions and spritzing, extra stamping in gold and brown archival and a few splashes of walnut ink.

All those punches I've been hanging onto were put to good use and splashes of white paint helped to age parchment writing paper. Stamps I've hoarded from childhood that hopefully aren't worth anything came in use.

As well as scraping white paint over Kraft paper as a base for journalling, it was very effective just stencilled on.

Several different colours of Infusions were used, think this is!

Waxed Kraft paper embosses beautifully and made some lovely stitched pockets for tags.

Another way of stamping with Infusions is to sprinkle them on to the stamp, rub in and spritz the stamp with water.

I imagine writing across in this journal starting at the edge of the images so there is a curvy flow of memories flowing down the page.

Of course there is room for tags and little souvenirs to be tucked away in flaps and pockets.

I'm itching to make another one but will content myself with leafing through this one for a little while longer....and if you want a walk through of the journal then here's the video.

Thanks so much for stopping by, hope you enjoyed your visit and enjoy the weekend. R x


  1. Absolutely beautiful , love,those,touches of rich colour . Delightful journal. Tracy x

  2. Oh my goodness Ruth! I need to check out infusions! This book is absolutely stunning... thanks for sharing in the EHFC group!

  3. This looks glorious Ruth. Need to digest it when I am not so full of dinner! My EH die is sitting unopened as arrived yesterday. Look forward to being inspired by you and the links which you kindly give us! Xx 😀

  4. This is absolutely stunning Ruth, really, really beautiful

  5. Oh my goodness I'm drooling Ruth!!!!!!!!!! Each and every single part of this is pure perfection. I'd be stroking it and thumbing through the pages on a daily basis as they are all simply gorgeous! Thank you for the shout out - love using sari silk to close as it's so easy to do. Hoping this is the first of very many more journals to come :) xx

  6. This is STUNNING Ruth ! just amazing - I have pinned it so I can come back to it again as you have shared so many wonderful elements. Brilliant !! xxx

  7. Wow, wow, wow Ruth, your journal is sensational! You have captured all the romance of Paris in those gorgeous signatures and the cover is breath-taking! Love this so, so much. Thanks too, for the mention, you are so kind. I have pinned it too! Hugs, Anne xx

  8. Ruth, this is absolutely gorgeous. I love the colour palette and all the stenciling and stamping. This really is quite shabby with a great vintage vibe.

  9. Absolutely exquisite Ruth!!!
    Every texture and color- mmm pure heaven!
    Jackie xo

  10. I love it Ruth! It's so beautiful and delicate and full of nice details. Those tissue embossed pockets... And the Kraft embossed and stitched pockets are amazing. Thanks for sharing it! :)

  11. It's beautiful, Ruth! I love all those Infusions-stamped images. Did you prep the covers with gesso before applying grunge paste and paint? I think that's my sticking point, to gesso or not to gesso.

    1. Hi Shirley, thanks so much for your lovely comments. The mount board took fresco paint beautifully as it started out as a painty cover before I changed course and applied the grunge paste, but I think it would be ok with grunge paste straight on anyway. Your call... Can't wait to see your results :) xx

  12. OMGEE, it's most definitely a WOW journal. Thank you for sharing it with us Ruth. You've given me many ideas. Now I know I have to purchase this die next month, I love every page you created and the finished journal is stunning! Thank you, I will check out Anne and Jenny next too Karen x

  13. This is fabulous, dear Ruth, WOW to your embossed city, the Infusions used with beautiful stamps, the gorgeous embossed wax paper, and your sewing. I could go on, is a most wonderful creation, so impressed of your stamping with the infusions Ruth , the pages looks so very lovely !! Again I have to wait to see the video, but you know I`m returning to your fantastic world!
    Hugs from Dorthe xx

  14. This is an absolutely glorious project. Gorgeous pages, lovely cover, just perfection. Happy crafty week, Angela xXx

  15. An absolute stunner Ruth! Wow! I'm most fond of the white pages with the gorgeous punches of violet infusions. What a statement! And the ability to actually use this for journaling is so cool. An amazing and delightful book. Hugs, Autumn

  16. Oh my word - how absolutely stunning, Ruth! The shabby chic textured cover is lovely and then such a wealth of beauty inside too... I love the gilded embossing on the tissue pockets, and that wonderful waxed embossed kraft pocket too. Like Autumn, I'm blown away by the Violetta flourishes, especially, but all the stamping. What an inspirational journal. I do hope it (and you) will get to Paris some day!
    Alison x

  17. Really wonderful journal, thanks for sharing how you made it. Very inspiring!

  18. amazing details within your journal Ruth xx I love the colours and amazing crackle/stamped details you have created...tres chic mon ami !!

    Sending my best wishes
    Annie xx

  19. This journal is absolutely breathtaking! You did a brilliant job of stamping and painting. Very inspiring! ~Heather


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