Saturday, 13 May 2017

...anyone for cake??

Hi everyone, nice to be back in blog land and with something a bit different today. I've still been busy creating but took some time out recently as we had a wedding in the family, I've been busy dusting off my cake and sugar flower making skills to make a wedding cake for my son and his bride who got married last week....and yes it was a lovely, happy, perfect day.

I thought I'd take this opportunity to go down memory lane and if you fancy reading on you may want a cuppa to go with your cake as I thought I'd share some of my previous creations. I haven't chosen to do this before because it's nearly 20 years since I made many of them and digital photos weren't around but I recently found an app that's enabled me to scan in a few of the pictures. The photos aren't great quality and it was still a challenge taking photos this time around as cakes are big and cards and pieces I usually make are small and flat and soooo much easier to photograph.

What started me off on my cake decorating journey nearly 30 years ago was finding a book called 'Finishing touches' and I saw a wedding cake in it unlike anything I'd seen before...which I wanted for my wedding...well if possible...well at least like it...and I did.

Our wedding cake 1988
I bought the book and was inspired to have a go, I never set out to make wedding cakes and started with a cake for my mother's 70th, I haven't got a picture of that one but I did make a rose...which looked more like a cabbage if truth be told; as my mum said blood, sweat and tears went into making the cake (I hasten to add not literally). Like all craft/art, you need to practice, practice, practice.

I made all sorts of fun birthday cakes for our children and, communion and nativity cakes for their school. I've come to the conclusion that I prefer to model or sculpt with my hands rather than draw.

I practiced piping and started to wire flowers, the honeysuckle cake was for a 50th Birthday and is still one of my favourite creations.

Then someone asked if I could make their wedding cake.

3 tiered ones followed and as they say every picture tells a story and these are a sign of the times - flowers on all tiers, drapes and swags were in and stacked cakes certainly weren't the fashion then.

Then life threw a curved ball and I went from part to full time work and cake making being quite time consuming had to take a back seat except for special occasions...but I discovered something that was easier to do in the time available and fulfilled my creative need. I was at one of the sugarcraft shows and next door at the craft and hobby show there was 'The Stamp Man'....card making and stamping became and have stayed my thing with a short hop across to mixed media. I genuinely love all the creative journeys I have been on and revisiting them is a treat too.
One thing I had forgotten is how much making flowers affects my shoulders, I do tense up. It's something I know I have to pace myself at and know I couldn't do regularly.

So if you are still with me, I thought I'd share a few close ups of this years model. My daughter-in-law chose a purple and ivory theme. She too had seen a picture of one she liked which was stacked, flowers on top and some decorative piping. In case you're wondering all the tiers are fruit as there was no way I could make and keep sponge fresh enough to decorate in time...but I did make a chocolate ganache cutting cake as well.

I knew she had chosen peonies and vintage lilac toned roses and that the bridesmaids were wearing mid length dresses (Monsoon) so took inspiration from there.

The flowers are made from 'petal paste' and start off like this before being shaded with edible dusting powders....not that they should be eaten! They will keep for years  if stored correctly and make a lovely keepsake. Freesias and Roses I've made before but it was a first time for making Peonies.


'Pearl drops'
Finally it was a simple wedding card in keeping with the theme...

Thanks for stopping by I really do appreciate it and hope you enjoyed a slightly different creative post. You may be pleased to know that after that sugar rush I will be back next time with some more cards I've been creating. Ruth x


  1. Oh my goodness Ruth! What a talent you have! you don't realise how cake trends change ( just like everything else ) and your recent creation is FABULOUS!! I love the peonies. And the simplicity yet detail on top is beautiful!! Thanks for taking us down memory lane.

  2. The cake is gorgeous. Your sugar flowers are so realistic looking and the clean and simple piping sets them off so nicely. Your son and his wife must have been thrilled with the cake and very appreciative of what you created for their special day.

  3. Ruth my goodness, oh my , you are amazing, also in doing magic and fabulous cakes. I would never have thought the flowers were hand modeled from the petal past ( never heard about it ) ,-they are truly gorgeous, and you are an amazing artist, going from seeing something like it, in a book, to creating these stunning cakes, yourself. Such masterpieces , your son and daughter in law ,have been so thrilled, and happy for all you did making their day, the most special ever !! I hope you are so very proud of yourself !! Hugs, Dorthe

  4. wow, what a talent! the flowers on the cake are just beautiful and such a wonderful memory for the happy couple.

  5. Thank you for sharing your incredible creative journey with us, Ruth. I simply adore seeing fabulous decorated cakes and yours don't disappoint! I love baking but mine would never win any beauty contests... I have to be content with admiring the work of others! You have brought so much joy to others by making such stunning cakes to mark their special celebrations.


  6. Oh my goodness Ruth, you truly are a lady of many talents! Your cakes are just unbelievable, those flowers have the complete wow factor!!Unbelievable you made them yourself, wow, truly wow, - words faial me... But the earlier creations look totally amazing too, - what a journey, from cake making to mixed media..... But no matter what you touch, it always looks amazing.
    Great the celebrations went so well and I love the card you made too!

  7. Oh wow Ruth, you are such a talented lady!! All of your cakes are absolutely stunning but the flowers on the one for your Son's wedding are superb, they don't look hand crafted at all, they look real. Stunning work and I really enjoyed seeing your other creations over the years too and reading how it all started for you - simply amazing!! Anne xxx

  8. Oh my goodness - I've enjoyed this post so much - seeing another side to your incredible creativity. The flowers for this most recent creation are beyond stunning - your son and his bride must have been thrilled. Lovely to see the cakes from your past endeavours too - I agree the 50th birthday one is exquisite.
    Alison x

  9. What an absolutely stunning cake, the flowers look amazing and so realistic. Your other cakes are beautiful too.

  10. Your cake decorating skills are exquisite, Ruth! The flowers are so lifelike. Wonderful stuff.

  11. Ruth, this cake and card are absolutely perfect! You are one talented baker and I love seeing your other artistic side. Congratulations to your family! Hugs, Autumn

  12. well you are one very talented lady Ruth and your son 's wedding cake is simps fabulous !!! as is there gorgeous card.
    Can I ask how you should store the flowers ????? I am interested as we have kept the top piece of our son's 30th Birthday cake, which was a Game of Thrones Throne. It's currently sitting in the cabinet...but maybe it should be in a domed container or something!

    Your other cakes are fabulous and I just love the amazing details on them all...truly stunning

    TFS and so glad you started stamping too xx

    Sending best wishes
    Annie xx

    1. Hi Annie, thank you so much, yes an acrylic domed or square container is probably the best option. I was lucky enough to have a glass domed bell jar for my own wedding cake flowers and they are still going strong. Avoid direct contact with plastic or an airtight container as it will make the paste 'sweat'. Hope that helps? Ruth xxc

  13. Gorgeous creations and the flowers on you son's cake are amazing. Happy crafting,
    Angela xXx

  14. I am over-awed at your cake decorating abilities - the flowers are stunning and I had a hard job believing they weren't real, they match the bouquet flowers so perfectly. What a truly talented lady you are and thank you for sharing this very enjoyable blog post.

  15. Wow!! The cake collection is adorable. Loved them all and want to have a lovely cake for my wedding at one of amazing San Francisco wedding venues. Will look for a reputed bakery service that will provide a wonderful cake for the event.

  16. The cake is attractive. Your sugar flowers are so realistic looking and the clean and simple piping sets them off thus nicely. Your son and his better half should are excited with the cake and really appreciative of what you created for his or her special occasion. Mostly we order cake online for all ocassion.


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