Monday, 22 February 2016

The wonderful world of wax!

Hi, thanks for all your lovely comments on my last post, as promised I'm back to share a few more results from my encaustic explorations. Whilst I don't expect to inspire you to have a go, I thought you might be interested in the results. The first two are 10cm square pieces of stampboard.

This time it's using shellac and a technique called a wet shellac burn. Firstly alcohol inks are used across the top strip, once dry apply shellac and 'burn'. Yes flames are involved and outside is the best place to do this part but for more information please refer to the book I mentioned in my previous post.  I then decided to add more wax with dry brushing.

A different colour way in blues.

The last one for tonight is a dry shellac burn, I used pan pastels to colour the clear shellac and the applied over white encaustic medium.

 Once dry you burn areas, usually in circles but I thought I'd do snail trails. The pinky edges are from coloured wax that was under the white.

Rather like the effect.

As I said in my previous post there is just so much you can do with wax and these are just ideas that I might use in areas on a piece or as a whole.  I hope you're enjoying the slightly different posts at the moment and I'll share my last few waxy experiments later this week.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your crafting!


  1. ooh I am liking this effect a lot!

  2. Fabulous Ruth! All three pieces are just divine! I love the snail trails and just the hint of color from below!
    Thanks so much for sharing this with us- your encaustic work is fresh and beautiful! xo

  3. Yes I enjoy it dear Ruth, these pieces are gorgeous, and like nothing I have seen before, I love the bobbles I guess created from the heat, and the last one is amazing too.
    What fun to be able creating art from Shellac and wax, with a little color !!
    XOO from Dorthe

  4. These are just AMAZING, Ruth! Wow!!!

  5. Hi Ruth these are the things I enjoy most, just playing with stuff the only problem is I enjoy it so much I can't stop. These are gorgeous. Happy crafty week, Angela xXx

  6. Wow Ruth, they are all wonderful pieces! I just love those snail trails, they look amazing! Anne xx


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