Monday, 21 April 2014

Darcy Journalling Month 3

For guidance and step by step see link here. Slightly out of my comfort zone, not least because journalling for me is where I experiment and usually for my eyes only. What inspired me? I wanted to see if I could make it work for me. There was only one technique I didn't use....glueing in stamped images to add a layer. I've started with my finished page and then showed some of my choices along the way.

My journal is an old photo album which I adapted, you'll notice I only work on one page.  I use the other for notes. 

The top is quite patchy, but I like it, I have used torn text before but not peeled the edges away when dry...learnt and liked that. Colours used throughout project were snowflake, yellow submarine, london bus, zesty zing, limelight, hey pesto, beach hut, inky pool and eggplant.

I used 2 background stamps, both free with craft stamper, one in archival, one in snowflake and a CW stencil for dots.

This surprised me, when I had painted the 'eyes' and stamped over in black archival, the page just popped and it had a frame, really liked this effect.

I stencilled in where I wanted all the plants to be, growing and escaping from the terrarium. The cube is from a very old set of stamps I had and because I had all my plants in one cube I decided it would be too difficult to cut out and overlay stamped images so I used some clear embossing powder on the cube to give some definition..... a bit like glass.

I've used the bump technique before but only with white and then a translucent, I've been missing out an important base layer....liked this, also liked the effect of sketching black lines around leaves and the white dots, really surprised how it all added to the effect. Some more shading and treasure gold of course and that's it. I had a lovely play yesterday morning doing this, if you have stayed with me through the step by step..thank you!


  1. Love this page Ruth and thanks for the step by step photos. A great process leading to fantastic results! You have just inspired me to start journaling again!

  2. hi there, thanks for joining in. I am so hapy tp hear you had a good 'play' day, as that is what it is all about for me. Playing, relaxing, adventuring. I love your bright border. Great idea to keep the other page for making notes. I hope you will join us again. x

  3. Ooh! I love this Ruth! Great colours, great spread! x

  4. Amazing journal page, Ruth, I liked your take on Darcy's journal!
    you have used beautiful colors.

  5. Fantastic Ruth ! I love the mix of colours and the black and white around the images is really effective. Sue C x

  6. Really pretty page! I love the way you used the eye stamp instead of the arch! :)

  7. I love your work...great colours and textures!
    Hugs from Slovenia

  8. Fabulous journal page Ruth

  9. Really love the colours on this, and the use of other shapes, nice


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